Saturday 13 October and Sunday 14 October 2018 / 12 PM - 7 PM

NYC LGBT Center / Room 101 / 208 W 13th St,  NYC

Opening Reception: Friday 12 October / 6 PM 

Bureau of General Services-Queer Division (BGS-QD) / NYC LGBT Center / Room 210 / 208 W 13th St,  NYC

NYQZF Exhibition: 5 October through 6 January at BGS-QD. More info on the exhibition, Queer Zines / Queer Art, HERE.

The fourth edition of the New York Queer Zine Fair will be held October 12-14. The event will bring more than 50 queer artists, zine makers. collectives and publishers from around the world to present and sell their current work.

This year we will be presenting and exhibition on the walls of BGS-QD that will open on Friday, October 5 with a public reception on Friday, October 12.

Additionally, there will be programming on Saturday and Sunday that will take place at BGS-QD during the fair. 

Free admission. Wheelchair accessible.



3 dot zine / www.3dotzine.com / Brooklyn, NY

Aaron Krach / www.aaronkrach.com / Brooklyn, NY

Anand Vedawala / www.anandvedawala.com / Oakland, CA

Anthony Cudahy + Ian Lewandowski / www.anthonycudahy.com + www.ianlewandowski.com / Brooklyn, NY

Anxiety Dreams / www.anxiety-dreams.com / Brooklyn, NY

B&D Press  / www.banddpress.blogspot.com / Montreal, QC

Belladonna Series / www.belladonnaseries.org / Brooklyn, NY

Beth Comics / www.Bethcomics.com / Austin, TX

Bob Civil / www.bobcivil.com / Brooklyn, NY

Bound Leather Zine / www.boundleatherzine.com / Brooklyn, NY

Brusque Babe / www.BrusqueBabe.com / Williamsport, PA

Caroline Palmer / www.instagram.com/grumpyfemmme / Northampton, MA

Davidmodel / www.Davidmodel.com / Jersey City, NJ

Devyn Farries / www.thisnumberisinvalid.tumblr.com / Queens Village, NY

Doable Guys / www.doableguys.com / Brooklyn, NY

GenderFail / www.Genderfail.space / Brooklyn, NY

hamiltonsix / Brooklyn, NY

HOMOCATS / www.homocats.com / Brooklyn, NY

horse gurl press / www.cargocollective.com/chrismoody / Garibaldi, OR

Jessie and Elle Zines / www.everymountaingoatssongisgay.weebly.com / Staten Island, NY

John Jennison / www.johnjennison.wixsite.com/illustration / Brooklyn, NY

Kaylee Rowena / www.kayleerowena.com / Brooklyn, NY

Keiff Jones / www.keiffjones.com + www.instagram.com/keiffjones / Brooklyn, NY

Kelli Dunham / www.kellidunham.com / Brooklyn, NY

Khari Johnson-Ricks / www.behance.net/KhariJohnsonRicks / Jersey City, NJ

Le Gros Monsieur / www.legrosmonsieur.fr / Paris, FR

Matthew R.F. Balousek / www.mrfb.itch.io / Santa Cruz, CA

Milkweed Zine / www.milkweedzine.com + www.instagram.com/milkweedzine / Toronto, ON

Nun Comix / www.etsy.com/shop/NunComix / Falls Church, VA

Olivia M. • Paradox Creations / www.etsy.com/shop/ParadoxNowCreations + www.patreon.com/oliviaszines / Canaan, CT

Pink Mince / www.pinkmince.com / New York, NY

Polari Press / www.alecstevens.co.uk / Bristol, UK

Sam Rosenthal / www.samrosenthal.net / Brooklyn, NY

Ser Brunetto / www.serbrunetto.tumblr.com / New York, NY

Spicy Mango Comics  / www.instagram.com/spicymangocomics / Yonkers, NY

STRAIGHT TO HELL Editions / www.Straight-To-Hell.com / New York, NY

The Arts & Craps Studio / www.jpajg.com

Voxigma Lo / www.instagram.com/voxigma.lo / Brooklyn, NY

Zineralia / www.anhelo-escalante.me / Brooklyn, NY


Barnard Zine Club / twitter.com/barnardzineclub / New York, NY

Jason Haaf/ Love Case / www.lovecase.bigcartel.com / Brooklyn, NY

JB Brager / www.instagram.com/jbbrager / Brooklyn, NY

Daily Life Storage / www.dailylifestorage.com / Philadelphia, PA

No More Mermaids / www.tapas.io/series/No-More-Mermaids / Philadelphia, PA

Queer Sailors Zines / www.hellotheresailor.etsy.com  / Brooklyn, NY

Sula Collective / www.sulacollective.com /  Staten Island, NY

Three Fifty / www.threefiftycollective.tumblr.com  / Brooklyn, NY

Willchenwillbe / www.instagram.com/willchenwillbe / Elmhurst, NY


Alanis Alvarez/ Reinas: Latinxs on TV / www.heygorda.wordpress.com / Uniondale, NY

Christopher Clary / www.christopherclary.com / Allenhurst, NJ

Gara Lonning/Bunt Cake / www.instagram.com/buntcakezine / Brooklyn, NY

Grace Allison Perkins / www.gperki.com / Haverstraw, NY

Molly Liu / www.mozliu.bigcartel.com / Brooklyn, NY

Secondhand Emotion / www.secondhandemozine.tumblr.com / New York, NY

Vănguard / www.vanguardzine.com

NYQZF PROGRAMMING (these events will all take place in Room 210 at The Center in BGS-QD):

SATURDAY 12:30 - 2:30 / Queer Collage Party

Heidi Dorow hosts a special edition of the Bureau's Queer Collage Party. All materials will be provided: glue sticks, scissors, paper, pictures, etc, and of course feel free to bring your own images, too. Each person can make their own collage(s), or team up with others. Attend for part or all of the event. Before you leave your collage(s) will be scanned and made into a collaborative zine which you can pick up the next day at the NYQZF (or we can mail it to you). The spirit here is about fun and sharing.

SATURDAY 3:30 - 4:30 / Kelli Dunham: Laughter is a Revolutionary Gesture: Humor as Self-Care

Laughter is a Revolutionary Gesture: Humor as Self-Care (Kelli Dunham): The nature of our work as intersectional activists and life as queer folks is intense and that, combined with passion, can sometimes contribute to depression and burnout as well as a single focus on movement work/our passion that is neither healthy for us as individuals nor effective. Yet there is a notable historical precedent for intersectional activism using humor as both a strategy in communication and a tool for personal empowerment. This workshop explores how we can reclaim humor and use it to relieve stress, communicate better, subvert the rigid gender binary and build resilience. You don't have to consider yourself "a funny person" to participate in this workshop. It's about discovering our own unique sense of humor. We'll have fun and NO ONE will make you wear a clown nose, promise.

SATURDAY 5:00 - 6:00 / Straight To Hell slideshow illustrating the 45 years of S.T.H. and panel discussion

In 1973, Boyd McDonald virtually invented queer zine culture with Straight to Hell, the no-holds-barred circle jerk of reader-written true tales of men’s real sexual adventures in-- as Bernard Welt puts it in “One Man’s Meat”—“the unacknowledged corners of life where repression is not lifted, but exploded to bits . . . In the world of STH, every barracks shower is an orgy room; every Boy Scout jamboree is a festival of sexual initiation; every conservative politician and clergyman pays male hustlers for sex. Everything men do to bond or compete in sports, war, and politics is a sublimation of, if not a substitute for, homosexual desire.” Gore Vidal, Allen Ginsberg, Tennessee Williams, and Christopher Isherwood all proclaimed themselves fans and admirers. 

McDonald proposed that pornography usually promotes mainstream ideology that stigmatizes gay sex even as it charges admission for it—while the publication of the truth of sexual life liberates desire from the pressure to justify, excuse, or normalize. 

Billy Miller, STH’s editor since 1989, joins critic Bernard Welt, storyteller extraordinaire Grady Turner, and Kevin Allison, creator of the ground-breaking RISK!Podcast, for a discussion of how sharing the truth of our lives really does set us free.

Kevin Allison is the author of RISK! True Stories People Never Thought They'd Dare To Share(Hachette, 2018), based on the wildly popular podcast. Grady Turner is an arts writer, inaugural curator of the Museum of Sex, and Moth-winning storyteller who produced Bare! True Stories of Sex, Desire and Romance. Bernard Welt is the author of Mythomania: Fantasies, Fables, and Sheer Lies in Contemporary American Popular Art.Billy Miller is an artist and independent curator, and the editor of Straight to Hell. 

SUNDAY 1:00 - 3:00 / Karl Marks Children's Hour Puppet Workshop

Karl Marks Children's Hour is a traveling puppet show and crafting workshop featuring two dimensional paper puppets of famous and infamous historical and public figures. Attendees of the workshop will conceive and execute a puppet design using construction paper, scissors, paper lunch sacks and glue. Step-by-step written instructions will be provided to each participant and assistance and general instruction will be available from the workshop leader, artist, and performer, Karl Marks. The suggested theme for puppets in this workshop is "Figures in Queer History" but other subjects will be welcomed and encouraged. Attendees should bring their own pair of scissors. Glue and paper will be provided.

Karl Marks is a Brooklyn-based queer artist and performer. He has performed throughout New York City, Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland at a range of performance venues and museums

SUNDAY 4:30 - 5:30 / Belladonna* readings by Anaïs Duplan and Yumi Dineen Shiroma

Belladonna* presents the work of two exciting and boundary-pushing poets as part of our ongoing reading series And / With, now nearing its 20th anniversary year. As with every Belladonna* reading, chaplets of the work presented will be published to coincide with its presentation, and will be available for sale from our table at the Queer Zine Fair, along with many other delicious Belladonna* titles. 

Belladonna* is a feminist avant-garde collective, founded in 1999 by Rachel Levitsky. Our mission to promote the work of writers who are adventurous, experimental, politically involved, multi-form, multicultural, multi-gendered, impossible to define, delicious to talk about, unpredictable and dangerous with language. Belladonna* has featured nearly 300 writers of wildly diverse age and origin, writers who work in conversation and collaboration, in and between multiple forms, languages, and critical fields.